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We all start somewhere

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My journey started as a teenager, reading every beauty magazine for diet advice and committing to hours on the Stair Master until I burned 600 calories a day. Does that sound familiar? Unfortunately, I became  beholden to the diet culture mentality, and it took years to unwind the labyrinth of misconceptions that I had believed to be true.

After having three children I became a Registered Nurse and learned more about how the human body works. I began to understand how proper nutrition and movement could impact my body and mind. While I ran my first marathon on a dare, my love for running blossomed and I also learned the importance of strength training for overall health and fitness. There is a place for both cardiovascular and endurance training, as well as strength. Yes, believing that strength training will “bulk you up,” is also part of diet culture. 


My family’s move from New York to Nashville, TN was the kickstart I needed to formally help others on their wellness journey. I became a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach. Along with my nursing background and Masters in Education, I help women who are looking for change, but not sure where to start. It's time to let go of that diet culture mentality once and for all. Join me and focus on sustainable changes that fit within your lifestyle. Isn’t it time to look and feel your best, once and for all? 

Where are you starting your journey?

Are you continually adding in cardio to burn off those calories?

Are you curious about strength training, but not sure where to start because you heard it will make you look like a bodybuilder?

Have you already tried Intermittent Fasting, Keto, and Cleanses and gain your lost pounds back every time?

Are you scared to eat dessert because it may ruin your progress?

Do you want to work out but feel like you can’t find time in  your day?

I have had ALL of these questions, and so many more! You are not alone, and you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to stop focusing on what you have to give up, and instead learn all that you have to gain.

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