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Personal Training

Most women have been taught that in order to lose weight or “tone up” they need to do hours of cardio training per week. There are many benefits to cardiovascular fitness, but the benefits of strength training are often overlooked. Want to get stronger and leaner, maintain muscle mass while in a fat loss phase, or just feel more confident? It’s time to start strength training. 

You will learn the basics of strength training in a friendly, relaxed and non-intimidating environment. Workouts are tailored to the client’s ability and overall physique goals. 

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When you work with me you will...

  1. See first hand that your specific issues will be addressed and all learning modalities will be targeted to your individual needs. I don’t offer a set program because you are unique, and your wellness goals are specific to you!

  2. Learn to understand your diet history, non-negotiables and biofeedback over time.

  3. Learn to question- Why are we using a certain approach? What can I gain from this approach? What are my measurable outcomes?

  4. Utilize practical plans more than perfect plans- My number one priority is designing a plan that you can be consistent with over time, because consistency creates results.

  5. Develop realistic expectations. There is no magic pill so lets’ take a deep dive and look at where you are and where you want to be. Together we will create action steps to get you there. 

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