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Nutrition Coaching

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Our bodies are always striving for equilibrium. We thrive when we feel balanced. Nutrition is also about balance- having a balanced plate, a balanced mindset and balanced expectations. 


I use a client-centered, individualized approach where we focus on what you will gain rather than what you have to take away. We will spend time discussing your needs and goals, then work together to make small changes with a lasting impact. You deserve a lifestyle approach that actually works for your life.

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It’s time to give up the all-or-nothing mentality. It’s time to give up the notion that to reach your optimum level of health you have to give up your favorite foods.Many modalities can be incorporated such as macronutrient tracking, a visual plate method, suggestions for meal prepping and meal automation, basic cooking instruction and exploring one’s relationship with food.

Stephanie Korn Wellness 4M Method

Using my 4M Method you will feel more confident in creating a balanced diet and lifestyle. The Stephanie Korn Wellness 4M Method focuses on Metabolism, Macronutrients, Movement and Mindset. We use these pillars to guide your health and wellness journey. 

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